Well, mother's day is here (well tomorrow..it is 11 May). Sharon, Kathryn, Katryna, and myself decided to go up and have lunch with my mom. We went to Milestones in Kanata.

And if anyone asks, I am not sure if my mom goes here often, but they sat us next to the bar!! ;)

For those of you who are able to read pictures, try this one. I will give you a hint. It spells Katryna's name.

My mom, Katryna's great grandmother, always has a few things for her when she comes with us. Today was no exception

Now mom is opening our card to her. Some money slipped out which is why she has a wide grin

Now a card from Katryna and Kathryn

Mom loves going to Starbucks. Great gift guys

A video of some of the gift giving


On our way out

We needed no convincing to get in a chair and hold hands

Now I am walking with mom to her car.

The good byes

Then we went to Tanger Outlets....but that is another story