On the 25th of August, my mother of 88 years, drove down from Gatineau, Que to spend 3 days with me in Kingston. We all thought she shouldn't/couldn't make it. She proved us all wrong!!

25 August

She arrives safe

We had Joshua and Katryna come to visit right away

Great-Grandma went in to the greenspace to watch them play soccer (and Katryna do some gymnastics)

Next came our dear friends to see my mother once more...They had seen her many times throughout the years

26 August

We went to visit Thomas and Kheayali at their new house

Mom. Are you inspecting the fridge, or just getting a beer?

Ah! The Bar!!

Nice window sill

Back to the deck...I see Kathryn has joined us

27 August

This was the busiest of days.

Mom on the phone with -- Pierrette

Getting the smoker ready for supper

Kathryn arrives - with a surprise-- Jonah. It wasn't her weekend to have him, but she was able to get him early

Great Grandma playing with Jonah (hide and seek)

Then we had a little meal

Later, Thomas and Kheayali came over with Jasmine & Gavin (and RANGER)

Much later, Mandy came over with Hannah

Jonah and Hannah - hitting it off!!

Great Grandma getting a kiss

Yes! She is due in Sep!!!


Camera set up - the remote set up!! Click, click, click

My mom and "Paul" the stuffed bear! (She always told people she wanted a beer! But auto-correct changed her request to "bear" so she ended up with a bear instead

The last visit of the weekend was to Kathryn's

Then mom is leaving

BUT - first she must check emails etc...always on the computer or phone...at breakfast ;(

Bye mom