Christmas Tradition always begins with the great Christmas Card invitation done by my mother. This year was no different.

The 14th Annual Tassé Christmas party begins with traditional family pictures

Kathryn, Jonah in her arms and then Joshua and Katryna

And one with Kathryn's godmother and family

Matthew and his wife Lisa, with their two girls, Arianna and Jessika

Thomas with his two kids, Gavin and Jasmine, along with his future wife, Kheayali and her mother, Sangeeta.

Rob and his wife (my sister) Pauline, along with three of their girls-Christine is out and about (most likely selling someone a house).

My mother, the hostess, joins the picture

As we were getting our family pictures together and people organized, JC Tassé came over as he was in the area. JC, myself and Kathryn have been friends on Facebook but never really met. We went over a lot of family history and found we had a connection...albeit in Coutances, France ;) We will be delving more into that as time goes by. Nice seeing you JC.

Two girls who look alike....I know how to tell them apart-one is wearing pants, the other a dress ;)

Lovely picture

A deer in the headlight look...well, in this case, the antlers gave it away.

Mother and daughter

How relaxed is this evening going to be...

A picture with our oldest

Mom greeting Kheayali and Sangeeta. Now it is interesting to note that it has been many years (I can't remember what they told me) that mother and daughter have not been together to celebrate "Christmas" I think it is 13 years.

Love picture of my youngest son and his soon to be bride (Jul 13). They were talking about potential honeymoon locations. Everyone had ideas. Now that I mention this, my favorite place that I have visited, I guess I should let them choose where they have interest in going ;)

It's funny how we like to say we don't believe in Santa, but there he is, giving gifts, and even the older generation comes when Santa calls their names ;)

This Santa wanted to dance before doing loved it

As the gift giving begins, I won't comment on each picture but it is interesting to note that some kids were a little apprehensive at the start to go to Santa to get a gift, but they soon got over it once they realize what was going on.

For Sangeeta's first Christmas here, she sure is enjoying it ;)

Mom liked getting called up and getting a gift -which goes to show, that regardless of age, we are all young at heart.

This "google Mini" is something that I also received from my daughter this Christmas and, after my son Matthew set it up, I found it is a great little item. If you don't have one-think about it. Of course Matthew would help you get it installed :)

Jessika just got a ticket to see someone perform that seems to be the rage. You can tell from her reaction that it is something that she loves ;) We all want to see that reaction from all the gifts we give. We just want to make people happy. No! Ecstatic!!

Oh, yes! I succumb to the call of Santa as does everyone else ;)

My mother's gifts to the great grandkids. Lisa and Pauline are helping her present it. By the way, these items were all purchased through JUSTICE and Sports Chek. Thank you Kathryn for your assistance in this matter. You're a great wonder you're a retail manager at Justice.

Once they rolled with the luggage from Justice, they realized that the wheels light up as the roll along...NEAT!!

I gave my mother a second DNA kit. This one from a different company. The first one, she drank coffee (when I told her not to) and submitted the test. It is no wonder that all our relatives are Columbian ;)

Hats off to Thomas as he ensured that the clean-up of the gift unwrapping location was always picked up.

Nice to see Sangeeta enjoying herself

Remember this shy boy at the beginning who was hesitant to approach Santa...look at Jonah now!!

My two sisters...oh ya! With Santa.


Great Grandma with her Great grandkids

My emotional that the love of two people can influence generations to come and produce such lovely relationships.

My two sons

Sharon, myself and our three kids

My daughter in law Lisa, and soon to be daughter in law Kheayali

Jessika with her camera

Of course I wanted to know a little more about the competition :)

The Pothier side of the house with my sister Pierrette

I was taking a photo of my wife with Sangeeta and Micheline jumps in....well done!!!

A new catering service set up

Cake by Christine

Gingerbread houses. We brought a couple as did Pauline and Pierrette...there is one that has a story...more on that later

The head table for Christmas at Le Chateau 2018

1st born grandson with his grandmother

The setup at the table

Rob giving a 14th Annual dinner speech and accepting bribes for which table gets to go first.

He didn't seem happy there were no takers for the bribe...hahah

Jessika gave the prayer before supper-well done Jessika

Richard, having his meal. I was interested in what a bodybuilder eats...Hey, I eat the same thing but don't look like him ;)

Kheayali having fun...does the bottle have anything to do with her mood? No, it's the proximity to my son ;)

Kathryn dancing with Joshua and Jonah

Well, make that alone now!!!

Photo booth is always a blast

Guy serving Rob...Guy hasn't changed !!!



Christine, late to the party but here now!!! Welcome.

Lisa and Joshua

Gavin with a bunch of Hair

My sister Pierrette and Lisa

TJ, Lisa and Kheayali

Me, Sharon and Matthew

Jessika and Clinton (my godson)

Pauline (my Little Sister) and Lisa

Matthew and Lisa - The ViaRail Connection....first class couple

Two brothers and their wives

Matthew with my sister Pierrette and her son Clinton

The Ginger House collection - to be destroyed!!!

The gingerbread house on the right was done by Pierre(tte)...haha, she always did that when we were young...just added the tte to my name and made it her own ;). Anyways, on with the story. It seems that some pieces of her gingerbread house went missing so she decided to make a lean-to. Very innovative Pierrette!!

Getting ready for the Gingerbread smash...Position is everything


A persistent character

Time for some extra pictures of family before we leave to beat the freezing rain forecast.

Emilie, Samantha and Joshua

Me and my cousin Micheline

Samantha and Kathryn

Kathryn & Micheline

Emilie and Joshua

You didn't catch me eating again, did you???

Matthew reviewing the movie he took of the smash. He took it in slow motion. Good idea!!

And then it is over

I'll drink to that

Nailed it!!

Thank for visiting. See you next year.