Kathryn and family

Thomas and family

Gifts from Grandma...so personalized


The following is a sequence of pictures of the gift Kathryn gave to Grandma-who is also her godmother.

She is just starting to realize it is a blanket...but she doesn't know of what yet

Kathryn is explaining everything to her

It is hitting her. Realizing it. This blanket is made up of all of grandpa's sweaters that Kathryn asked grandma for a few years ago. She took them and got a blanket made so that Grandma will have grandpa near her to keep her warm all the time.

The look of grandma is a look of "I can't beleive you did that"

Great grandkids sitting with a memory of great grandpa

Now we know why it is called an "UGLY SWEATER"

Rob & Family

Pierre & Family

Kathryn and family

Thomas and family

Matthew and family

Pierrette and family

Pauline's "Girl Power" girls


This is everyone -in case you're wondering...Guy, the bartender, is taking the picture

Grandma with her grand children and great grandchildren

Grandma with everyone in the family minus the spouses

Mom and her three kids

Mom, the three kids, spouses and their kids

Name Plate on our table

Christine made the cupcakes and Katryna made the gingerbread houses

Clinton said a prayer...French and English

Mom had a few words for the gathering

The kids were listening to all the words

Now for the pasta

Someone was just on the phone...Francine? hummm