Off to Kathryn's house to celebrate Katryna's 9th birthday ...

Little Jonah looking to see what is going on

The happy smile of a 9 year old

Katryna wanted pizza, so mom got her pizza

She didn't want cake she said cookies but with icing on them - she really seems to only want the icing

Family photo

Getting ready for gifts

Before she gets started Kathryn told Katryna that Aunt Pauline already sent down her gift in the form of money and that she would get it later.

Now the first card that she wants to open is from great grandma. She said she is anxious to see which photo she choose for this card....they always want to see what photo that Great Grandma chooses

Now gifts from her brothers and mother

That symbol is suppose to mean something

Now the card and gifts from us

She doesn't understand a few of the gifts yet because it is all part and parcel of what makes up a girl guide uniform


The final product all worn

Happy Birthday