Every even year Christmas Supper is celebrated on Christmas Day. On the odd years, we celebrate Christmas supper on Christmas Eve. It gives all families a chance to have their loved ones close during this holiday season. As I said, this year it is Sharons and my turn to have our family close for the 25th of December.

First we need to get ready for the day, for that Katryna was there to assist me

Finished product from outside

The tree on its turning holder. For the curious, this was with an ISO of 100, exposure time of 6 sec an aperture of f/10 and focal length of 31mm.

Here are a few (thousand) pictures of the event of the day. As a note, I was happy that my oldest son, Matthew and his two daughters, were able to make it this year (uunfortunately, his wife, Lisa was working).

Before we begin though, let us take a minute, from our family to yours, wishing you all welcome and a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Most of the Christmas gifts are placed, there are still others to come and be placed under the tree. From Santa? Who knows.

Dining table is set up for the 14 of us.

Alright, my remote control for the camera works

Turkey and ham were on the smoker. Now my two sons are carving away

And the women folks do what they do best - look good

Then again, nothing is ever just black and white...or is it?

Gavin makes sure he is not blinking during the photo-can't say the same for Joshua ;)

Arianna is just chillin'

Now they are all together for the beginning of supper-our 7 grandkids

Now a shot of everyone around the table.

After supper we have some photos of groups, and here is Kathryn and family

Thomas and family

And family and Sangeeta (Kheayali's mother)

Matthew and his two girls

Then there was the traditional lift of the two brothers lifting their sister

A relaxing less stressful pose

Then of course the parents-my wife and I

A collection of grandkids

Now a plethora of pictures of gift giving

I guess he wanted to open it himself

You call someone a "slime-ball" and it's an insult, but you give someone Slime at Christmas and it is a great gift ....I don't know how to figure that one out ;)

Arianna is thrilled...she is the first to open it though

Paris light tower with some US $$$ for her potential school trip

We took a break from gift giving to the kids, and were having some Banana Cream Pie...then we'd carry on with some gift giving to adults.

A beautiful scrabble from Kathryn, but the company spelled her daughter's name wrong, it should be Katryna not Kathryna. Grrr poor girl. Originality for the gift though...

Mom receiving her gift of the Theatre performance of The Lion King in Toronto in June.

From gift giving, they quickly transitioned to Charades

Mom is the hint giver

Even Joshua got involved

The girls all had their PJs on...so picture time

A picture taken by Kathryn.


Gavin playing with a toy we gave him