Gavin turned 12 so when Grandma and I had a chance, we brought him out to Coco Fruitti for brunch and then off to Sports Chek for some clothes.

Now over to Thomas & Kheayali's to celebrate.

Shown here is the birthday card that his Great Grandma Tassé sent him.

The black outfit that he is wearing is our gifft to him and what he choose at Sports Chek. Under Armour top/hoody and a nike shorts-to play soccer he said to us.

Gifts from Kathryn and Katryna

Amoung her gifts to Gavin were two books of his favorite author

Mom and I also gave him a board game. In his envelope, there was a $10 bill and a $2 coin. Then came the question, when does this stop? They all want it to continue on until 100 years old ;)

As you can read, the game we bought him is called FORBIDDEN SKY

This was so funny. Jasmine explaining the Yellow Pages to Katryna. Why don't you just google the question?

Godmother and Godson

The traditional blowing out the candles

Thomas made them all a secret mix (seems it is from a Harry Potter book-butterbeer)