Last year (2016) we decided that we wanted to have our deck redone. Well, little did Sharon and I know we both wanted something different. I wanted a 3 season room and she just wanted a deck. We discussed and had a chat with an engineer who was convincing us to go with a 4 season room. All the reasons were great and it seemed like a good idea. Then when Sharon asked him how much it was going to cost, it ended the conversation right there and we never heard from him again. For $150,000 it was way over budget and would have been too much money into a house that would never recoup the added value.

Since we bought the house in 1997, I have been keeping an excel spreadsheet of all the work that I have done or has been done to add value to the home. Right now we are sitting pretty good. Having said that, we are now adding a deck with an overhang. I just thought I would give you a little background into the why we went with this route.

This is what the end product is suppose to look like but with a few modifications that you can't see and could not be inserted into the design program. The company I hired is called Nick Dennis Custom Carpentry.

Project Days

1. 9 July (These are "before" pictures)

2. 11 July

3. 12 July

4. 13 July

5. 14 July

6. 17 July

7. 18 Jul

8. 19 July

9. 20 July

10.21 July

11. 25 July

12. 26 July

13. 27 July

14. 28 July

15. 29 July

16. 31 July

17. 1 August

18. 2 August

19. 3 August

20. 8 August

21. 11 August

22. 15 August

23. 17 August

24. 29 August

25. 7 September

And let the project start

Day minus 2

Looking South

From the East side of the yard facing West

West side looking North

Let the transformation begin

D Day (11 July)

First came the dumpster

Then the workers to dismantle the now "old" deck

They were making short work of the dismantling part

The a backhoe showed up and it "just" fit in the doorway of my fence

Then the holes started for the footings. a little over 4 feet deep is required

Looking from the Master Bedroom

It was a little after 5PM when the backhoe driver called it a day. There are still 3 more holes to dig.

Looking South

From the East side of the yard facing South-West

Looking North

Nick and his team said they'd be back at 0730 hrs on the 12th.

12 July

Getting the sono tubes ready


Bigfoot system for structure to hold

The crew Left to right...Ex-Maintanier (don't remember his name), Noah, Mike and Nick on the right

Since the bigfoot does not work next to the house, Nick constructed a wooded device to hold the cement

And here comes the cement

Of course, back yard, so no cement truck comes in, wheel-barrel only

The end of the day pictures. Facing South

Facing SW

13 July

Today it is all about getting rid of all the extra dirt and cleaning up the area to get ready to start the building process. They had to try and do all that before the rain. As it turns out - no rain.

Getting the dirt from the back yard to the bin

Trying to level the field

River Rocks showing up

Sharon wondering what is going on

The end of the day. Facing East

Facing South

Facing SW

14 Jul

Another bin had to be called in since the truck could not lift the bin with all that earth. I talked to the driver (George) and he said there was an extra 3 yards of earth. So Nick came over with his backhoe and moved earth from one to the other.

Now to see if the backhoe can climb the ramp on his trailer. I am taking pictures in case he makes it exciting...

Well, the ramp moved to 90 degrees and then came down with a bang

Well, that is the end of day 4. They have another job site that is taking precedence but they will be back on the project for Monday 17 July, (Day 5).

17 Jul

First at 7:45am the lumber arrived

8:30am - getting ready

Here is at 10:45am

12:00 noon



3:47PM -temporary flooring so they do not ruin the deck boards

End of Day 5

One of my neighbors came over to see what was going on. One of the things that he liked about the crew was that they were so clean and tidy and respected the property. He liked the way they always ensured things were cleaned up afterwards. I will pass that on to Nick tomorrow. We all like to hear positive comments.

18 July

Today it was all about getting the beams made and then getting them ready to support the hip roof

9:37am - Mike hard at work

Noah on the far right measuring



19 July

Slowly, the calculations are being done for the hip roof. There is so much to ensure. Who said you don't need Math? Calculate, recalculate and then.. get on with it!

The composite decking is arriving

More calculating

End of Day 7. Tomorrow the rest of the rafters will be up and then I am not sure what else will be on the agenda.

20 July

Today it is not only about getting on with building the deck and overhang, but also a tribute to the workers who are making it all happen. I know I am paying them, but they are hard workers and deserving of recognition.

At 08:30am, after taking some measurements, it starts

Nick Dennis is the owner and walks on the wild side

Mike is one of his co-workers and is very hard working and always ready to learn

Noah is also hard working and always there to assist and learn

at 4:45PM, they called it a day. They have been here since 7am so they must be tired.

Together, they all make a good team and the project is coming together very nicely.

21 July

Today it was all about finishing the roof

Roof is done, now another step closer to completion. They figure it will be another 7-10 days.

25 July

There was no work done on Monday given that we had a terrible rain storm.

Look at the damage to the footings that the rain caused

The city inspector for Framing came and was talking with Nick..

Grace Ice and Water shield is being laid down

I wanted it over all the roof and not just the 36" or so overhang

They stopped roofing as their compressor broke and they did not have enough roof nails to do it manually

26 July


Plan for today is to finish the roof, get the electrician to come and do the wiring and then start the aluminum sheeting

LeDuc Electrical came and started work

The contraption is to bend the aluminum

He is installing an outlet for ouor dusk to dawn lights

Bending the sheet to wrap around the posts

The electrician is now measuring for the pot lights

The roof is just being finished by Noah

The aluminum for the sides of the roof

27 July

Now the ceiling

Longest part seems the strapping to hold the sheets of aluminun

Rain was in the forecast but the blue skies prevailed

Then again, working under a finished roof is protection. This picture highlights where the potlights are going to be placed.

Boy, this looks good. So glad that Annalea guided us to make a ceiling like this. The hole in the middle is for the fan which, you guessed it, Annalea is bringing down from Montreal ;)

Tomorrow, finishing up and then the deck boards and there is also some other sheets that are needed around the front.

28 July

I waas surprised that they decided to also tackle the side deck today. I thought they would do this closer to the end of the back deck project. Happy they are starting though, but they left it undone so I have no way to get to the back except from the front door and go around.

The back deck is looking good

29 July

If you noticed, the 29th is a Saturday-but Nick had his crew (and himself) working a full day. They had a goal to accomplish to get the project ready for Monday's work schedule and they were going to meet that projected goal. The work required that they finish the deck, the rest of the aluminum around the outside and a few other things. It does not sound like a lot, but it does take time to do the work-properly.

Noah and Mike hard at work

By lunch time they had accomplished a lot

The end of the day and the satisfaction that the work is where it should be for our timeline to finish on 4th August

31 July

Today it was around the small side deck and getting the stairs for the back deck sorted out. Notice also the lattice was temporarily installed.

Finally, some stairs ;)

And what better way to spend time while others are working...This is to make Annalea feel more at home as she overseas constuction and renovations...nothing sooths her spirits more than the sound of the circular saw spinning in the background.

Wer needed more river rock and top soil

Nick is prepositioning the post holds for the railings.

Inspecting the product for the day...

1 April

Working on the side deck

Now the stairs for the back deck

Geting ready for the latic and fascia boards

Tyrel, a hard working helper for Nick

They were able to place some river rock around the shed. Matthew had mentioned that there could be mold forming under the mulch that I had there so we agreed to place river rock in it's place

Latice is up with Fascia board

I love this type of stiar called "a return".

I wonder how Nick is going to pass my gas line from the main gas outlet under the deck to the center of the deck for my fire pit

Again, love this stair design. Well done Mike

Now the start of the railing system

2 April

The side deck is looking better

The back deck is getting to be just so "out of this world"



The shed fascia needs to look like the back deck so Nick and crew are making that happen

A view from a far

3 April

Though the deck is not finished, each touch being added brings another "awe" from Sharon and I. It is looking really good.

The side deck was an after thought to have both decks looking somewhat similar

And the back deck...

They replaced the fascia around the shed so the looks would complement the back deck

Setting up our space

What a great job by Nick Dennis - highly recommended

Though there are final touch-ups to be made, Nick didn't bolt out the door to his next project. He stayed with his guys to clean up and make right everything so that my place (yard, driveway etc) was in much better shape than when he showed up. Nick is very conscientiousness about his work. Great team. I would hire them again for another project.

Now we wait for some pieces that are on back order.

8 August

Now for the electricians.

First the electrical panel

Ryan is doing the electrical through the wall

Megan here is doing the pot lights

Not through yet Ryan

Megan working the security lights (Dusk to dawn)

We have penetration

An electrical outlet for the deck-bonus

Final product...whoops. Still missing finishing pieces on the outer part of the deck

You may notice that the fan is no longer installed. Faulty fan. It is to be replaced.

Still some other things to be done and now Sharon and I are off tomorrow to search for a fan for the deck. The fan we had received was defective.

11 August

Who says we can't enjoy the deck while they work ;)

Nick trying to solve the gas problem to our fire pit


Mike and Noah doing the trim and finishing touches.

Mike working the finishing touches

That is Ron, a neighbor down the street who liked the work that Nick is doing and took Nick away for an assessment

Final product - well, still gutters, gas line, caulking around the beams near the house...hummm, so a few more things to be done...oh ya, the fan which is another 10-14 day wait once we order it.

15 August

Today was all about hooking up the gas outdoor firepit.

Exactly what I wanted. No extra holes in the deck boards. He secured it to the firepit itself.

Now the soap test to see if anything leaks--which it did not

17 August

Mike and Noah came by to do some minor repairs

The electric outlet done by LeDuc is now secured to the deck

Leonard and I did the edging of the rocks today...looks neater - but now I am just realizing that there is more earth needed around that area.

Noah replaced and secured the latice where the gas tech used to access the gas hose underneath the deck. I have got to remove some river rock and place it around the shed. Too much around the step, looks unsightly ... my fault not Nick's crew.

29 August

Seamless Eavestrough finally showed up to do the job.

They replaced the bottom spout on the old one to match the new one and it presents a better final job

Completed job. Looks "seemless"

Now waiting for the "ceiling fan" from Montreal and to choose the blinds

7 September

Jorden from LeDuc came to install the fan

As always, I supervised

He had trouble with the remote control location

Yes, there is no light with the fan. We opted for just a fan, we have enough lights

This fan was Sharon's pick. She chose well!!!

Sharon Loves the remote

And Loves the detail

Thank You Nick





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