Christmas Eve 2017

The array of normal pictures and events for Christmas eve progressed well. The temperature and the blanket of snow allowed those attending to arrive safe and with the spirit of Christmas.

I had taken a few pictures of Katryna and her of me and. of course, the soldier boy to ensure that all was well with my camera settings etc. In this sequence my goal was to take a picture and yet display the movement of the tree as it rotates. Katryna performed her modeling role excellently.

Now that I had things sorted out and supposedly knew what I was doing, I set about to get ready for our family. Matthew and his family were not going to be here.

Family started arriving and I started to take pictures of the people, the meal and the list goes on. In fact I could have taken a million photos and no one will ever know. My camera kept saying "DEMO" and nothing ever "clicked" with me. I figured, new camera (NIKON D7500) and there were things that I did not know yet. Later on...much later on as Thomas was taking a photo of me...he also noticed the word "DEMO" and also a few other things that I did not notice without my reading glasses. It seems that I took many pictures without my SD card inserted and therefore, no pictures were captured of that portion of the evening. As I was dejected, Thomas immediately gathered people and told them to re-enact some events and we began picking up some "lost" moments. I learned a very important lesson. SD Card lesson? No! Family is always there for you and will always be by your side. Thanks to all of you for your understanding. I was given some pics that Kathryn took to assist the presentation of the memories of Christmas Eve.

Mom making her spread of Shrimp

I am outside smoking the turkey

Love that sweater-makes him look like a little college child

Katryna made name tags for people at the table

Last year Jonah was scared of the solders...this year, he has them under control

Gavin enjoyed opening his K'nex

You'll notice the lovely jacket and outfit that Jasmine is wearing...I had a great photo of the ensemble, but alas, it is one of the million that displayed "DEMO".

Kathryn and her family

Thomas and his family...yes, dog included

A little out of focus (YA THINK)...but I loved the photo...sorry.

Our family

Now I like this photo

Here's one happy child as Gavin will play his K'nex and the DRONE.

Kathryn and Kheayali

and now with the addition of Jonah

Sharon receiving a gift from Katryna.

For those of you who are not Tim Horton fans, this is an "old" -vintage set.

No Jonah, this is not for you.

Kathryn gave us a Charging station for all out cell phones, tablets etc. Good idea as we scour the house trying to remember where we charged the items

Kathryn gave me a beautiful gift of a year membership to "Planet Fitness" (PF). I went with her once and loved the layout and was thinking of joining the one in Myrtle Beach when we go down. Now, with a Kingston PF membership, I can go to all their gyms.

Joshua received all money gifts as he wanted to get ready for coming down to visit us in Myrtle Beach

A gift from our friends in Richmond VA

Sharon got a pillow also

Dave and Patty, our friends from Watertown gave us some great gift cards to Olive Garden and Dicks Sporting goods which we shall use on on arrival in NMB

For our future singer in the family

Jonah looking smart in his sweater

We had given Kathryn a medallion saying that this daughter was protected by a Vet

A lovely gift from my wife

We couldn't figure out what color of hat Thomas would want so we ended up getting him two different colors.

Angie and Jean stopped by. To wish us a Merry Christmas..

Jean stayed in his car and me and Kathryn went and got him