A quick visit to Calabogie to see family on Sharon's side...and my Goddaughter (Amanda)

Here is Sharon with Joey (Amanda's husband)

Aiden is Marlene's son (Marlene is Annalea's daughter)

Joey working the BBQ (yes, I agree, I have never seen a BBQ like that one either)

Sharon in front of Joey & Amanda's trailer. They have been coming here for 6 years now

And there is my GodDaughter

This is their dog, Sherlock (Sharon made me take his picture) lol

This is part of Calabogie Lake

A view from their dock

Looking up the trail, you can see (off to the left) a trailer that was jointly purchased by Marlene and Steve (her father)

Looking down at their dock

Now a closer look at their trailer

Another view of Joey's trailer

Joey, Amanda and Sharon enjoying a warm fire

This is another dock on their land

This is the Calabogie Lodge ...check this out click here

Well, then we drove home. 2 1/2 hrs there and the same amount of time coming home. It was worth it to see where the Leighton side hang out ;)