We all gathered at Kathryn's house for a birthday celebration between cousins. Both were turning 13 years old...

Kathryn and family

The proud Papa and Joshua

Thomas and family with Sangeeta who just arrived from overseas.

The two families merged

Time for Pizza

Gavin having a pre-supper donut before his pizza

Now for the exercise to wear off some food

Back for some birthday celebration...

All I can say is "cute"

The icing was the best part wasn't it Jonah?

Great Grandma Tassé's signature card ;)

A friend of Kathryn's, Chris, was able to stop over and wish the kids a happy birthday.

Katryna holding one of the many gifts that Chris brought over

Intermission...Jonah playing with some characters that Chris brought over

Joshua's turn to open some gifts

A gift from his mother....let me tell you, it seems neat.

Our gift was money towards his flight to London, he is hoping next year

Saying good bye to Chris...Katryna really enjoyed how he spent time helping her learn and listened to her as she had things to say.